Jody Mc Grath is Caravaggio sitting on an Irish lane, an abandoned bulldozer pleasantly sitting in the rain rusting back into the earth. I'm waiting for the day when he commands the highest price.
Kevin Mc Cann, Filmmaker

Jody Mc Grath is a painter for our times. I purchased " Connolly's Chair " from him, a piece both beautiful and thought-provoking . Like him, this painting continues to inspire daily.
Mike Kelly, Actor (House of Cards, Taboo)

I really like Jody's painting style. I was so relieved that his portrait of me bore no resemblance to my physical self but somehow caught a glimpse of a fleeting spirit of mine. 
Seamus McGarvey, Cinematographer (Nocturnal Animals, The Hours, The Avengers)

Jody's work is bold, powerful and yet somehow childlike in the way the great Basquiat is. You can feel the dangerous history of his youth in his work. This is an artist combining deep colors with political overtones and strong emotions into beautiful paintings. I am honored to hold one for a while.
Josh Lucas, Actor

Jody Mc Grath doesn't just paint, he hurls himself at the canvas like a man possessed. Amid the acrylic and charcoal you are likely to find shards of bone, a patch of skin and in every single offering, a reckless serving of his soul. There is not another artist working today who has the audacity to remain so raw and uncompromising in his vision.
The fact that he is a fellow Northern Irish man just fills me with pride. Mark my words: in years to come, collectors will be butchering each other in the auction halls for a scrap of his cleaning rags, for talent like his is eternal.

Colin Broderick, Filmmaker and Author of Orangutan and That's That

My Story

I was born in the North of Ireland in Armagh, the city of saints and scholars, with gunmen and milk bottles literally on my doorstep. My first real introduction to life within The Troubles.

A pencil rarely left my hand, and some of my earliest memories were drawing dinosaurs and armalites on anything that wasn't nailed down. Throughout Catholic school, art, as well as reading, was my ever-constant source of solace and peace. Days spent in libraries continued right on through my university years.  I knew painting was my everything. I graduated with a degree in Fine and Applied Arts from the University of Ulster, Belfast. Then, I needed to expand, and, as Brien Friel said, "Philadelphia, here I come."

More than twenty years have gone by in my pursuance of my visual version of the American dream. I'm still a believer in it. This beautiful land has shaped me into the painter I am now. If my paintings aren't difficult, then I'm doing something wrong. I hope that I've managed to capture visually in my work the human condition that is all of us. I pray on some level it resonates with you as it has with me.

- Jody Mc Grath

Selected Media and Galleries

Exhibition, 2017 - Unauthorized SFMOMA, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

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